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In 2005, Conner Family Health Clinic was established with one goal in mind: to provide competent, compassionate care for all patients. Dr. Conner, a 1996 UNC Chapel Hill medical school graduate, is fluent in English, Spanish, and French. A native Charlottean, he has practiced all over the world and is pleased to return to serve his hometown.

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Conner Clinic is a subscription practice whose mission is to provide the highest level of personalized medical care to each of our patients.


Program Fee:

To become a member of Conner Clinic, a subscription fee is collected on an annual basis with discounts available for additional family members.  The fee may be paid at the beginning of each membership year. We accept checks, MasterCard and Visa. Please call us for details.

In addition to the program fee, our office accepts most insurance plans. Please call our business office, 704-708-4301, if you have any questions. Click here to view the accepted insurance plans.


Additional Services

Peace of Mind Coverage; Out of Town Coverage

Over and above his membership practice, Dr. Conner can provide coverage for families who are not members of the practice when the parents/guardians go out of town.  For peace of mind, Dr. Conner can be “on call” to help with illnesses of your family if the responsible parties are out of town. For example, while they are gone, the parents have left the children with a nanny, grandparent or baby sitter.  Benefits include having Dr. Conner’s cell phone number and a same day appointment at his clinic or even a home visit if needed.  Please call and leave a message with your interest  in this service.  Dr. Conner will return your call promptly.  The fee for this specific service will be based on number of family members to be covered, location of the visit, and time away from home.

Medical Care Review

Another service offered by Dr. Conner is the ability to review ongoing care of a patient and/or a loved one.  Dr. Conner uses his expertise in Family Medicine to review hospital charts, primary care notes, etc. and render his opinion and suggestions about further care.   He can help facilitate on-going care which will include advice on which specialists are the best in their fields locally.  Please call and leave a message to speak with Dr. Conner. The fee will be based on the complexity of the patient’s illnesses.


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