Additional Concierge Services:

Peace of Mind Coverage; Out of Town Coverage

Dr. Conner offers emergency medical coverage for your family members while you are out of town. He can be “on call” to provide care for illnesses and/or urgent healthcare matters. Benefits include having Dr. Conner’s cell phone number so that you may call him to alert him of a healthcare problem with your family member. Dr. Conner will make certain that your family member is given an appointment that day at the clinic or, if necessary, he will schedule a home visit.

Please call 704-708-4301 and leave a message with your interest in this service. Dr. Conner will return your call promptly.

Medical Care Review

Another service offered by Dr. Conner is his ability to review you or your loved one’s past and/or current medical care. Dr. Conner uses his expertise in Family Medicine to review hospital charts, primary care notes, etc. and render his opinion and suggestions about further care. He can help facilitate on-going care, which will include advice on which specialists are the best in their fields locally. Please call 704-708-4301 and leave a message to speak with Dr. Conner regarding scheduling a medical care review appointment. The fee for this service will be based on the complexity of the patient’s illnesses.


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