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BOTOX as a migraine treatment

Chronic migraines are a torture. The condition is defined by the FDA as 15 or more headache days a month, with each headache lasting four hours or more. Even those who have never suffered it wince just from reading that sentence. Those who live with this condition know how bad it truly is, and what it does to their ability to concentrate on their work, enjoy their hobbies or spend time with their friends and family.

It is becoming more and more widely known as an FDA-approved preventative treatment for severe chronic migraines. In tests it prevents up to nine headache days a month, a result over 28 percent better than a placebo. So far, the FDA has not approved the use of BOTOX to treat headaches that don’t happen often enough or last long enough to meet the definition of chronic.

If and how to take BOTOX

If you’ve ever taken any similar product to BOTOX and had an allergic reaction, you shouldn’t take it. If you do decide to use it to treat migraines, start tracking your attack frequency long before you begin the procedure. This means making a note of how often you have these attacks, when they begin and when they end. Of course, this is going to be very hard to do while you’re suffering from a migraine attack, but it is important — it lets the doctor accurately gauge the effectiveness of the BOTOX treatment.

BOTOX as a migraine treatment is usually taken about once every three months. It is injected into the muscles of the forehead, scalp, neck and shoulders. You will want to find the most experienced doctor you can to perform the injections. Your health insurance provider should have a list of approved physicians — make sure your doctor is on it.

Your doctor should carefully monitor you for signs of dangerous side effects such as general weakness, blurred or double vision, change or loss of voice, or trouble breathing, swallowing or maintaining bladder control. Many doctors believe that BOTOX works by shutting off pain receptors in the places where it has been injected. The effect of the treatment usually lasts two and a half months. If necessary, other treatments can be used to manage the pain until the next treatment.

BOTOX treatment in Matthews, NC

The best place to go for BOTOX treatment in Matthews, NC, is the Conner Family Health Clinic. The Conner Clinic is a subscription medical practice. Dr. Conner is highly experienced at working with BOTOX and will develop the right treatment plan for you, based on what sort of treatment you need and what your goals are. If you are interested in any of the medical applications of BOTOX, make an appointment today.


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