“Dr. Conner is the consummate professional. He genuinely cares about his patients and will normally always see them on short notice. I’ve been in a bind several times with a busy work schedule and put off seeing a doctor until it was critical, such as when I needed a prescription refill. Dr. Conner and his practice has always been there for me. There is sometimes a little bit of a wait because he is so liberal with taking appointments. However, it is well worth it and I can’t imagine finding anyone as compassionate and genuine as William Conner!”

“Dr. Conner takes the time to listen to my concerns and never makes me feel rushed. He provides his patients with old-fashioned, compassionate care while keeping up with all the latest advances in medicine.”

“Dr. Conner and staff can see me same day or next day. The quality of care is exceptional.” ~Shirley

“I woke up nauseated, congested, exhausted, and unable to get out of bed. I had brushed it off as allergies a day or two before but by this day it was something more. My wife called Dr. Conner in the morning and he was able to get me in that afternoon which was great. His staff was friendly and efficient and I got to see the Doctor promptly. This was my first visit to Dr. Conner and his bedside manner was great. He was knowledgeable, took the time to talk with you, and had a great sense of humor. He tested me for various strains of flu and strep going around and diagnosed me as negative on those. Then prescribed some antibiotics and nasal spray and I was off on my way to recovery. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family members.”

“He is an excellent doctor and he takes good care of me. He takes the time to give me personal attention. The office is very peaceful and the staff is very kind.”

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