Getting sick is really tough when you do not have an insurance policy. You will need to worry about not just the hospital bill and doctors’ fees, but also about the medication you need to take–which can get really expensive.

No insurance? Conner Clinic can help save you money!

Recently, a patient with no insurance needed medicine to control blood pressure. After seeing Dr. Will Conner at Conner Clinic and receiving prescription, the patient took the prescription to Wal-mart. Upon presenting the prescription, Wal-mart informed the patient that the medicine he needed is not in their $4.00 formulary; hence it will cost him $100 for 30 pills.

Shocked by the huge amount, the patient’s wife called Conner Clinic for advice. Dr. Conner contacted his pharmaceutical supplier and ordered medicine for less than $100–that’s 90 pills good for three months sold to the patient for just $30. Wal-mart would have charged the patient $300 for the same amount of supply.

At Conner Clinic, we do not just provide the best care for our patients. We also offer as much help as we can…even when it comes to finding cheaper medicines.

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