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The usual services of an on call doctor

Most of the medical services you need can be worked into a regular schedule of visits to your family doctor. These services include annual physicals, vaccinations and booster shots, diagnostic tests and specialized physicals for students or athletes. Ear infections and influenza aren’t scheduled in advance, of course, but can usually be dealt with during the regular working day.

Waiting times and how to avoid them

But even under normal circumstances, the fewer days you have to spend waiting for an appointment and the fewer hours you spend in the waiting room, the better. Most of us have heard the horror stories of patients kept waiting for obscenely long times. And some of them really are horror stories. A Brooklyn patient died in a waiting room after waiting there for 24 hours to see an on call doctor. A Canadian patient was kept waiting 34 hours for what was (at least when he walked in the door) a minor injury.

These stories are backed up by statistical evidence. In 2013, the physician staffing firm Merritt Hawkins polled five types of doctor’s offices. They found that patients waited, on average, 29 days to see a dermatologist, 32 days for a heart evaluation and 66 days for a physical. That same year, the Commonwealth Fund found that 26 percent of Americans reported wait times of six days or more for primary care appointments. All this is before you even get into the doctor’s office.

If you or your child is hurt or sick, but not quite badly enough to justify a trip to the emergency room, you don’t want to have to wait any longer than necessary. You especially don’t want to have to make your child wait any longer than necessary. All this can be avoided with the help of an on call doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He or she can respond quickly and professionally to any kind of sudden misfortune. Most importantly, he or she can tell you if you or your child needs to go to the ER right now.

Clinic on call in Matthews, NC

Dr. Conner and the Conner Clinic in Matthews, NC, provide excellent primary care, with a state-of-the-art medical facility. On call service is a part of their subscription membership package, and includes same-day or next-day appointments, advanced diagnostic testing, preventative care, executive physicals, advanced personalized care and personalized medical reports. The Conner Clinic is a part of the Hallmark MD Private Care Group, a membership medical practice. The clinic also offers virtual concierge, an online interface which allows members to schedule appointments, monitor their health history, email their physician, request prescription refills, and view lab results. Subscribe today.


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