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What is a Family Doctor?

A family doctor, also called a general practitioner, is a doctor trained to provide medical services to patients of any age or gender. It is advised that you see your family doctor once per year for standard physicals, evaluations, and vaccinations, as well as to treat any one-off injuries or diagnoses. Your Matthews, NC subscription medical practice has family doctors and an array of concierge medical services.

What Does a Family Doctor Do?

In general, family doctors administer vaccinations, conduct physicals, and provide other treatments and diagnoses as necessary. The normal vaccinations are offered, in addition to less common and travel-related vaccinations, like rabies, encephalitis, meningitis, yellow fever for travel to Africa and South America, and more. Standard physicals include vaccinations, plus checking your vital signs, which includes the functioning of the eyes, ears, throat, joints, thyroid gland, abdomen, height, weight, reflexes, blood pressure, and, for older patients, heart and lung health. Female patients may also have exams related to reproductive health and family planning. Other elements of family practice include counseling, lab work, like for pregnancy, HIV, and other STDs, and nutritional guidance.

Conner Family Health Clinic

The Conner Family Health Clinic in Matthews, NC houses family doctors, and has many benefits over a standard primary care clinic. First, the clinic is subscription-based, meaning members pay a fee for optimum service. This includes: 24/7 communication with a medical team, same-day and next-day appointments, specialty care, better diagnostic testing, personalized medical reporting, a state-of-the-art medical facility, consultations for wellness and prevention, mental health screenings, abdominal aortic aneurysm screenings, and more. Conner Clinic boasts an online space, named virtual concierge, through which clinic members can schedule appointments, email their physician, monitor their health history, request prescription refills, and see their lab results.

The clinic offers an in-house pharmacy, making it easy to pick up your prescriptions. Standard products are offered at a competitive price, and stored in prime condition. It is easy to get refills on your medications because staff members are well educated on dosages, side effects, and interactions with other drugs. For lab work, the clinic has a phlebotomist, a staff member trained to draw blood through venipuncture, on call four half days each week, ensuring patient confidentiality and same-day treatment. The lab is CLIA waived, meaning FDA-cleared. The clinic has an hCG-based weight loss program for patients to obtain long-lasting results via hormone injections.

Lastly, Botox injections are offered at the clinic to help fight migraines, excessive sweating, and wrinkles. Through injections every 12 weeks, up to 9 headaches can be avoided each month. It can reduce sweating for 4 to 6 months when injected under the arms. In summary, the Conner Clinic is renowned for excellent patient care, individualized attention, and superior results.


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