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Family doctors are individuals who specialize in providing care and treatment to a wider variety of patients than a generic doctor in the average practice. A family doctor provides for the entire family from babies to grandparents.

Family practice doctors

Physicians often choose to specialize in a particular field of medicine or perhaps a certain age range.  One example is pediatricians- doctors who are trained to diagnose and treat various childhood illnesses and monitor adolescent development. For the family, such expertise can prove vital for the children of the household, along with the elderly members.  Seeing family doctors allows one to get a broader range of care. These professional physicians are eager to treat anyone including your children, elderly parents or grandparents, and of course, you. It’s a good base from which you can receive a diagnoses and plan treatment procedures. Such a broad range of patients ensure that family doctors are on top of their game and have plenty of experience dealing with a variety of health issues.

Keeping the same doctor for everyone in the family

In addition to the various services our family practice doctors have to offer, family doctors offer convenience and dedication. Some families see different physicians. That’s potentially a lot different appointments in varying locations that can become very difficult to track and maintain. This can cause frustration, and it makes some individuals give second thoughts to addressing their health needs. Being a member of a family doctor practice ensures that your entire family can be taken care of at one location and by a consistent staff of professionals.

We understand that you are not only placing your health in our care but the people you care about. This is a powerful motivation for us to do our jobs, but more, it can give us insight in what to look for when examining our patients. Naturally family doctors get to know the various family members they treat, which could prove vital in detecting patterns of injury or illness.

Matthews Family Doctor

Dr. Conner and his clinic staff at Conner Clinic in Mathews, NC dedicates themselves not only to providing excellent service and treatment to every individual, but their loved ones as well. We place high priority on developing patient- doctor relationships you can trust. We believe in making all of your family visits convenient and efficient to match any schedule. We also provide full online services that eliminate the need to call us if you are too busy to set appointments via phone. Additionally, your proscriptions can also be ordered right at home while you are with your family. At Conner Clinic, our family doctor, Dr. Will Conner, strives to provide care and support that will assure you and your family’s needs are met.


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