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A late night call from an on call doctor

(Note: The following is a dramatization.)

At first, the Smith family was not too worried when their six-year-old daughter got up from the dinner table and said her tummy felt bad. Then she threw up.

Two hours went by, and she was still feeling unwell. She threw up again. She was also beginning to suffer from diarrhea, which in addition to a lot more cleanup and laundry meant that this had to be more than just a case of upset stomach. The Smiths were getting very worried.

For a lot of families, this would have meant lying awake at night while their daughter suffered, then making an appointment with their doctor in the morning and hoping there was an opening that day or the next, taking half a day off from work to sit in a waiting room surrounded by people, each with a different communicable disease… all for what might just turn out to be a case of the stomach flu.

Fortunately, the Smith family subscribed to a medical service that had an on call doctor available for times like these. The same person who had been keeping track of their health for the past few years could come tonight. This was a doctor his daughter already knew as a friend and was willing to trust, and who was willing to come out here at night to look at what might just turn out to be a case of the stomach flu.

It turned out to be a case of the stomach flu — a mild rotavirus infection, to be more precise. After a few days of drinking plenty of fluids and keeping activity to a minimum, the little girl felt much better.

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