Conner Clinic Offers Travel Vaccinations for all of your travel needs

We offer vaccinations recommended and required for international travel. Travel vaccines will keep you healthy by protecting against life-threatening diseases.  If you are leaving the country, it’s an important first step to prepare for international travel by learning about required and recommended travel immunizations.

Some vaccines require 2-3 doses spaced out over several months. It is best to schedule your appointment with Conner Clinic as soon as your itinerary is finalized. Vaccines are usually grouped into 3 categories: required travel vaccinations, routine vaccinations, and recommended travel vaccinations.

Some countries require yellow fever and meningitis vaccinations. While these vaccines protect you, they are mandated by foreign governments to protect their citizens. You must present your International Certificate of Vaccination, also known as Yellow Card, to enter these countries.

Travel Vaccinations we offer:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Meningitis
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid
  • Rabies
  • Polio
  • Japanese Encephalitis

Avoiding Diseases: Malaria, Travelers’ Diarrhea, Germs and Worms, HIV &STDS

Prescriptions: Prevent Malaria, Treat traveler’s diarrhea, Mothion sickness, Jet lag/sleep


Check out the CDC Travel Information Center here.


Other Travel Tips:

Prevent Bug Bites

Bugs can spread diseases. Travelers to tropical and other destinations should take steps to prevent bug bites.

Wearing insect repellent with at least 20% DEET protects against mosquito and tick bites.Other ways to prevent bug bites: Wear long pants and sleeves, use permethrin-treated gear and clothing, sleep in places that are air conditioned or screened against bugs, sleep under a bed net if exposed to outdoors.If you get sick after traveling, see a doctor. Tell the doctor where you traveled.


Food and Beverage Safety for the International Traveler:
What’s Safer and What’s Not

Unclean food and water can cause travelers’ diarrhea and other diseases. Travelers to developing countries are especially at risk. In otherwise healthy adults, diarrhea is rarely serious or life-threatening, but if can certainly make for an unpleasant trip. Take steps to avoid diarrhea when you travel.


US Entry Screening for Ebola
What to expect when you arrive from a country with Ebola

After Passport Control, process may take 45 minutes or more.

1. Health Screening

2. CARE Kit Discussion

3. Continue Travel


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