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Don’t settle for over-the counter HCG

It’s time for another reminder that HCG weight loss can be effective, but only when taken as part of a medically supervised program with prescription medicine. Over-the-counter and online purveyors of pills that (supposedly) contain human chorionic gonadotropin have given HCG weight loss a bad name. Many of these pills are manufactured outside the U.S., in countries where our health regulations are not enforced. Taking these puts you at unnecessary risk.

And there is no guarantee that these pills will even contain the necessary hormone. You should especially stay away from any HCG weight loss treatment labeled “homeopathic.” A massive study by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, released in November of last year, found no evidence of any sort of homeopathic treatment being any more effective than a placebo. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since homeopathic treatments are almost entirely water or sugar, based on the idea that water and sugar “remember” everything they have ever been mixed with, and if mixed with medicine will retain the properties of that medicine even when the dilution is so thorough that not one molecule of the original substance is likely to be present. This “theory” contradicts the known laws of physics, chemistry and your drinking water not tasting like dinosaur urine.

In the unlikely event that you manage to find real, uncontaminated hormone pills, you should still get expert help with them. The use of hCG, a hormone which commands the body to burn fat for energy, is generally combined with an extremely low-calorie diet (about 500 calories a day) for faster weight loss. This diet is actually what causes the weight loss — the role of the hormone is to make the diet easier to follow. Without medical supervision, such a diet carries its own risks, such as irregular heartbeat, gallstone formation and electrolyte imbalance. For that reason alone, you need a doctor to help you with this.

Genuine HCG weight loss in Matthews, NC

The Conner Clinic in Matthews, NC, has two HCG weight loss programs, both with a 95 percent success rate — a 23-day program for those who want to lose up to 15 pounds, and a 43-day program for those who want to lose 20 to 40 pounds.

These programs include staff support, weekly HCG weight loss injections and a guidebook for patients that includes low-calorie menus. Once you have completed the program, the medical staff will use the FDA-approved Medgem to calculate your new metabolic rate, so that you will know exactly how many calories per day you need to keep the pounds off and remain healthy at your new weight. (This is the same equipment used on The Biggest Loser.)  If you want to try real HCG weight loss, call today.


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