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What is HCG?

HCG for weight loss is a safe and effective service offered by your Matthews, NC membership medical practice. HCG, which stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, is an injectable hormone with many medical uses. A nurse, pharmacist, or doctor can administer hCG, which is injected under the skin and into the muscle underneath. Patients may also be able to self-inject the medicine with their doctor’s permission, and if they are capable of properly using and disposing of needles and syringes.

This membership medical practice offers a program that employs hCG for rapid, long-lasting weight loss that is medically supervised. When combined with a low-calorie diet, weekly injections of hCG can assist patients in losing 20 to 40 pounds over the course of 43 days. The program includes a guidebook of menus and support.

Through the practice’s program, 95% of patients have achieved their weight loss goals successfully. Please note that there is a 23-day requirements for individuals seeking to lose 15 or fewer pounds. After the program ends, your doctor will calculate your new metabolic rate with the state-of-the-art equipment used on The Biggest Loser television show. This allows you to know how many calories to consume per day to maintain your weight.


Before using hCG, your doctor will perform an exam to make sure you are a healthy candidate. Patients should consider a dosage adjustment for hCG if they are: allergic to the drug, have a thyroid or adrenal gland disorder, heart or kidney disease, certain kinds of cancers, ovarian cysts, epilepsy, or asthma. Serious but serious side effects include allergic reactions, evidenced by hives, difficulty breathing, or swelling of the lips, tongue, face, or throat. Another serious side effect is blood clotting.

Contact your doctor as soon as possible or seek emergency medical help if you experience pain, redness, numbness, warmth, or tingling in your arm or leg, or confusion, extreme dizziness, or a severe headache. Finally, some women using hCG have developed overian hyperstimulation syndrome. Symptoms of OHSS include severe pelvic pain, hand or leg swelling, stomach pain and swelling, breath shortness, nausea, or vomiting. Your doctor will let you know of any food, beverages, or activities to avoid while on the medication. Be sure to inform your doctor if you begin any new medications, as well as vitamins, herbal products, or minerals.

Conner Clinic

The Conner Clinic is a family health clinic in Matthews, NC established with the goal of providing patients with compassionate, personalized, and top-notch care from qualified, dedicated staff. Dr. Will Conner founded the clinic in 2005. The clinic offers a wide selection of medical services, including both traditional and innovative medicines and techniques. Contact Conner Clinic to learn more about their hCG weight loss program.


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