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How subscription medicine or subscription membership practice can help you

You are very busy. Between your job and raising your children, you already have very little time to spare.

Then, one Wednesday night, your daughter gets sick. Headaches, vomiting, diarrhea and, when you check her temperature, a slight fever. It looks like she has the stomach flu.

On Thursday morning, you make an appointment to see the doctor. The earliest she can see you is Monday afternoon. So you cancel an appointment with a client, bow out of an important meeting and set aside three hours in the middle of the afternoon to visit your doctor. For both you and her, Friday and the weekend drag by like a prison sentence.

As you suspected, seeing your doctor means spending over an hour in the waiting room. And some of the people you are in this room with are obviously ill. One of them is coughing — the surprisingly deep coughs that seem to come from somewhere around the feet and sound almost like a lion clearing its throat. Another one has a child who blows his nose once every fifteen to thirty seconds and tosses the wadded-up tissues, heavy with mucus, more or less in the direction of the wastebasket. You are starting to worry that your daughter is going to leave this place a lot sicker than she came in.

After all this, you spend about ten minutes with the doctor and learn that your daughter does in fact have gastroenteritis — what people generally call stomach flu. At this point it occurs to you that there must be a better way of getting routine medical treatment.

Subscription membership practice in Matthews, NC

And as a matter of fact, there is. A subscription medical practice limits the number of patients that are seen while giving more time and attention to each one. Appointments are longer (if necessary) but wait times are shorter.

Dr. Conner and the Conner Clinic in Matthews, NC, offer a subscription membership practice as part of the Hallmark MD Private Care Group. Subscription members gain same-day or next-day appointments, advanced diagnostic testing, preventative care, executive physicals, advanced personalized care and personalized medical reports. The clinic also offers virtual concierge, an online interface which lets members schedule appointments, monitor their health history, email their physician, request prescription refills, view lab results and even make virtual appointments if necessary — all from their own homes.

The Conner Clinic accepts Aetna including the Medicare Advantage HMO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Beech Street, Cigna, Coventry, Healthgram, Human Choicecare, Medcost, Medicare and Railroad Medicare and United Healthcare. If you do not have any of these, contact them to find out if your insurance is accepted. Subscribe today.


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