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Find out if something is wrong

Very few people ever expect to need a mental health screening, but many people do. Mental health is a crucial part of overall health, and mental health problems should be faced the same way as any other health problems. Everyone — students, employees, soldiers, the elderly — is subject to their own set of stresses which can induce or worsen mental health problems. Tragically, because of the stigma associated with mental illness, less than half of those who need to seek help do so.

It is difficult to spot the warning signs of mental illness in others, and even more difficult to do so in oneself. Alcoholism is one of the most common mental health issues. If you find yourself needing to drink more and more in order to get the same effect, feeling physically ill when you have not had a drink in a while, or thinking about drinking to the point of forgetting about other duties and activities, it may be time to talk to a doctor — especially if you want to drink less but have not been able to do so. Dependency on illegal drugs, or on prescription drugs, follows a similar pattern.

Be alert for the warning signs of suicide. If someone seems unusually withdrawn, talks about feeling trapped and being in pain, exhibits reckless behavior or says they feel like a burden, it may be time to point them in the direction of a mental health screening. This is even more true if you find yourself thinking about suicide often.

Signs of more general problems include increased anxiety or mood swings. Rapid weight loss or weight gain may also be a warning sign.

Tests and diagnoses

Some of the problems that a doctor may be able to diagnose are eating disorders, alcohol abuse, depression, bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughts, drug problems, generalized anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Although online medical tests are available, it is better to have a professional administer the test — someone who can recognize the difference between going through a difficult time and suffering from the onset of a serious mental illness. A doctor is also someone you can discuss your unique situation with in full confidentiality, and who can develop a plan for treatment and support.

Mental health screening services in Matthews, NC

If you or a loved one is suffering from mental illness, it is important to have somewhere near you for diagnosis and treatment. The Conner Family Health Clinic in Matthews, NC offers excellent mental health screening services and support for patients with mental health disorders. The clinic has doctors on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and mental health screenings are a part of its subscription medical practice. Call today.


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