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What is mental health screening?

Mental health screening is an important resource for individuals of any age, gender, or background. Your Matthews, NC subscription medical practice offers mental health screening, and many other comprehensive medical services. Mental health is often not viewed or treated with the same attention as physical health, but is very important.

Mental health screenings are a viable way to help detect potential mental and related physical health conditions. Similar to blood pressure, height, and weight, mental health screenings can help you detect early warning signs, and create a quick and effective route to avoid or treat issues. While you can take screenings online, it is very beneficial to have a doctor on hand that can help you interpret your results, manage your reporting, and obtain the appropriate counseling, medication, or other treatment needed. Some communities may particularly benefit from mental health screening, for example: middle and high school students, college and university students, workplace employees, those in the military, and virtually every other community. The truth is, mental health is something every individual should be cognizant of, and having screenings offered at your practice significantly helps lessen the stigma against talking about mental health. Some more common diagnoses include mood and anxiety disorders, like depression, generalized anxiety disorder, eating disorders, alcohol and substance abuse problems, suicidal thoughts, post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder.

What is a subscription medical practice?

Your Matthews, NC subscription medical practice offers many services and benefits beyond mental health screening. A subscription or concierge medical practice involves paying more for individualized, patient-centric care. Some of the benefits include urgent care for minor to moderate injuries, same-day and next-day appointments, wellness and nutrition consultations, family planning, screenings for abdominal aortic aneurisms, an in-house lab for quick turn-around, an in-house pharmacy for easy prescription pick-ups and refills, a state-of-the-art facility, excelled diagnostic testing and reporting, an HCG-based weight loss program, Botox for wrinkles, migraines, and excessive sweating, an online portal for scheduling and managing appointments, and a virtual concierge to keep track of all of your information.

Conner Family Health Clinic

The Conner Family Health Clinic is located in Matthews, NC and has doctors on call 24/7. The clinic is part of the nationally recognized Hallmark Physician Group. Conner Family Health Clinic is renowned for its individualized, patient-centric care, or which its mental health screenings and support for mental health disorders are excellent. Dr. Conner founded the clinic in January of 2005. He completed medical school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1996, then his residency in Asheville. He worked at a community health clinic in eastern North Carolina for two years to help treat migrant farm workers, and has also practiced medicine in Guatemala, Haiti, and Africa.


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