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Symptoms of schizophrenia

The symptoms of schizophrenia usually begin some time between 16 and 30. Although there are a number of online tests, schizophrenia is very hard to self-diagnose, because the parts of the brain that are affected include those that might be used to perform the diagnosis. If the symptoms include hallucinations, the sufferer may not be able to recognize these as hallucinations or separate them out from day-to-day experience, or may start regarding all of his or her reality as a dream or video game. Delusions likewise seem like normal parts of reality to the sufferer, even if he or she is aware that they sound like “the sort of thing crazy people believe.” For that matter, since the symptoms of schizophrenia include a loss of motivating emotion that can make it impossible to do work or engage in even simple self-care, the sufferer may find it as difficult to seek help as he or she does to do anything else. You should encourage anyone in Matthews, NC who seems to be suffering from any of these symptoms to get a mental health screening.

The only symptoms that a sufferer is likely to be able to recognize as warning signs and be able to act upon are the cognitive symptoms — an inability to remember, organize thoughts or make decisions. These can be mistaken for the effects of stress, fatigue or lack of sleep. Even in cases where this is all they really are, they add up to a good reason for a mental health screening.

Mental health screenings in Matthews, NC

The Conner Family Health Clinic in Matthews, NC offers excellent mental health screening services and support for mental health patients. The clinic has doctors on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and mental health screenings are a part of its subscription medical practice. The Conner Clinic is a subscription medical practice, integrated with the Hallmark Physician Group. This allows Dr. Conner and the rest of the staff to spend more time on each patient with concierge style personalized medical practice, including annual physicals and customized medical reports. The clinic also offers an in-house pharmacy virtual concierge, an online interface which allows members to schedule appointments, monitor their health history, email their physician, request prescription refills, and view lab results from the in-house lab services.

The clinic accepts Aetna including the Medicare Advantage HMO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Beech Street, Cigna, Coventry, Healthgram, Human Choicecare, Medcost, Medicare and Railroad Medicare and United Healthcare. If you do not have any of these, contact them to find out if they will accept your insurance.  If you’re concerned about the state of your mental health, make an appointment today.


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