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An accident in the kitchen

(Note: The following is a dramatization.)

As a single mother of three, Mrs. Conkling works eight hours a day, and then… works a lot more hours. She never lets anything get in the way of her caring for her children. Sometimes, this leads to problems.

One day, while peeling carrots in the kitchen in a determined effort to get some sort of healthy vegetable matter into her childrens’ diets, the peeler (brand new, and quite sharp) slips and opens a broad but shallow gash on the index finger of her left hand. She grabs a couple of bandages, puts them on, cleans up the blood and keeps cooking. She knows she should probably do a little more, but dinner isn’t going to fix itself.

The rest of the evening she spends like any other evening — getting her kids to do their homework and taking care of the office work she brought home with her. She collapses into bed around ten and falls asleep almost immediately.

Early morning medical help

She wakes up even earlier than usual the next morning. Her finger hurts, feels hot and is beginning to swell. This is the start of an infection. And in about an hour she’ll need to wake her children up, make breakfast, wake them up again, serve them breakfast and drive them to school before she goes to work.

Fortunately, one of the things she sets aside a little money for is a subscription medical service. This gives her access to an on call doctor, even at this hour of the morning. The on call doctor comes and intervenes, treating the infection in time to save her finger. Her children are a little late to school that day, and she’s a little late to work, but it could have been worse.

An on call doctor in Matthews, NC

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