HCG Weight Loss Program at Conner Clinic

The Conner Family Health Clinic offers a long-lasting weight loss program which utilizes the hormone hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin. This program offers a rapid and long-lasting loss that is medically supervised based on the original protocol written by Dr Simeon’s, “Pounds and Inches” in the 1950’s.  Please make an appointment with Dr. Conner to see if you are a good candidate for the program or if you have further questions.

HCG combined with a low calorie diet can help patients lose 20-40 pounds in 43
days.  Patients receive a guide book with menus, weekly injections and support throughout their quest to lose weight. 95% of patients are successful in achieving their weight loss goals. There is also a 23 day protocol for those wishing only to lose 15 pounds or less.

When the patient is finished with the comprehensive weight loss  program, we will calculate the patient’s new metabolic rate using the same equipment used on “The Biggest Loser.” There is no guessing; the patient will know exactly  how many calories he/she needs to maintain their new weight. The Conner Family Health Clinic is the only weight loss location in Matthews with this new, state of the art equipment and the FDA approved Medgem. Please call to make an appointment today!


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