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Find individualized care in Matthews, NC

Subscription membership practice has in the past been reserved primarily for wealthy clients who could afford medical membership plans, but the landscape of subscription medicine and concierge medicine is changing. Conner Clinic offers concierge style medical care in Matthews, NC, with his affordable subscription membership practice.

Dr. Conner aims to ensure that top notch care is available and affordable to everyone who needs care.

Frustration with a visit to the doctor’s office is nothing new: busy nurses, harried doctors, and a waiting room so jammed-packed that you are afraid the guy coughing next to you is giving you a new reason to come back. Often, the wait can be longer than the appointment with the doctor.

Doctors are no happier with this than the patients they treat. A quality subscription membership ensures that a doctor’s appointment schedule isn’t an assembly line of rushed care, but rather that each appointment is one where the physician has time to listen to the needs of the patient and form a thoughtful diagnosis. This excellent care is available in Matthews, NC, from a doctor who doesn’t want to see his patients treated like they are on an assembly line.

Because Dr. Conner believes in individualized medical care, he makes sure he offers his  services in Matthews, NC at affordable rates, easy to schedule appointments, including same day appointments, and also accepts most insurance. The medical membership plan offered there is inclusive, and membership includes personalized consultations, customized medical reports, advanced diagnostic testing, same day/next day appointments, and 24/7 access to your medical team. You deserve care that is available when you need it.

Subscription membership  practice that is easy to access

With the ever-changing and fast-paced technology of today, waiting on a phone call from a doctor for a test result can seem interminable. We make sure our patients have access to their records so that they can stay informed of their health and health care changes. Conner Clinic privately and securely offers members online access to schedule on-site or virtual appointments, email questions or concerns to their doctor, look up lab results, request prescription refills, or follow their health history.

Ensure you are getting advanced and individualized care from skilled and caring doctors. With our advanced diagnostics and involved medical staff, your health is as much of a concern to us as it is to you. At Conner Clinic, we offer complete family health care, personalized to your individual needs at a rate that makes sense. Regardless of whether you suffer from a chronic disease or are interested in preventative care, find a subscription membership practice in Matthews, NC that can offer you more than a crowded waiting room.


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