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Subscription membership practice is eliminating the packed doctor’s waiting room that we are all too familiar with. It’s happened to all of us, even when we actually make an appointment ahead of time with a doctor in fact, even if it is ahead of time. A Subscription membership practice seeks to eliminate this by providing care that is individualized and cutting edge.

When it comes down to it, like any major profession, medicine should be handled with top notch customer service, the same as any business. Patients are clients. They invest their time, trust, and money towards a practice in the hopes of receiving treatment for what ails them. Having a subscription membership practice is a guarantee that the patient is held in high importance. The physicians operate on a schedule that can match your needs and appointments whether it is an emergency visit or casual checkup. The emphasis is always on custom care for the patient.  Quite often one can feel like just another body stuck in a room of strangers. Here in Mathews, NC we strive for every patient to receive prompt and detailed care.

Medical membership plans

Subscription membership practices are tailored to every individual with the utmost care. Your membership is not something to be taken advantage of or just glanced over. While the care and appointments are meant to be as quick as possible in order not to inconvenience you, it is prudent to have a thorough examination. How frustrating is it to wait for a an hour or more in the waiting room only to be to be shuffled into a smaller room to wait again, and then just have a laughably brief check-up before being sent away? This can easily turn patients away from the practice. The purpose of the subscription membership practice is in fact to offer dedicated service to each patient; this comes with several services and amenities.

Quality care in Matthews, NC

In addition to pristine customer service, our office offers many online services that will add convenience for you and efficiency to the appointment process. Belonging to a subscription membership practice gives you several online options. Now, your appointment can be scheduled with a quick email as opposed to waiting on the phone line to set the date. Your online access will also let you ask questions directly to your physicians and receive professional responses. Perhaps this could even save you an office visit. However, if a visit is needed, the online platform will let you do this with ease, even on the same day.

We also offer virtual appointments as a way to accommodate any kind of scheduling conflicts.

As patients, it your right and the responsibility of the subscription membership practice to give you access to your health history. This will allow both you and Dr. Will Conner to maintain awareness of any medical issues and track recovery. One of our best online features is that you can request your prescriptions refilled from the comfort of your own home.  Here at Conner Clinic of Mathews, NC we value innovation and custom care to ensure that your subscription membership is exactly what you need.


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