PRESS RELEASE–If you look at young Jacky Delva today, you would not have guessed the difficult times the child has had. He was 3 years old when the Haiti earthquake struck and was inside his house when the actual quake happened.  He was stuck under the rubble for four hours until French rescue crews found him.

Parts of his skull were damaged, but he only received stitches as the primary treatment. In the midst of the chaos following the quake, Jacky and his mother, Chella, were flown to Sacre-Coeur Hospital for further medical help. That is where they met Dr. Will Conner, his wife Natalie, and a medical team from North Carolina who are all serving as volunteers. “Without a protective skull, Jacky would have sustained permanent brain damage, or worse, died,” Dr. Will Conner said.

They all agreed that to save Jacky’s life, he would need surgeries to repair his damaged skull. When the North Carolina crew flew back home, they arranged a pro-bono surgery.

After the ups and downs of paperwork, Jacky and Chella were able to fly to Charlotte for Jacky’s surgeries. He went through two skull surgeries, both of which were pro-bono. Friends and family of the Conner Family took care of the housing and needs of the mother and child throughout their stay.

Three months after his surgery, Jacky and his mother were able to go back home. Today, Jacky is healthy enough to live a normal life.


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