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Staying safe abroad

Travel vaccinations are something we sometimes forget about when planning a vacation or business trip to another country. We go abroad to visit distant shores, meet new people, try new things and see world-famous landmarks with our own eyes, not to visit the hospital. A study was just released which shows that more than half of Americans who were recommended to get measles shots before traveling did not do it.

But getting your shots is one of the most important steps you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. Not every place is as safe as Matthews, NC, and travel vaccines protect against life-threatening diseases found in many parts of the world. Early in 2015, 29 Americans fell ill because of an outbreak of hepatitis A in Mexico. Getting vaccinated before you travel is a precaution worth taking.

Travel vaccinations you may need

When it comes to travel vaccines, there are three kinds: routine vaccinations, required travel vaccinations and recommended travel vaccinations. Routine vaccinations are the vaccines the CDC recommends for everyone, traveling or not.

Required travel vaccinations are those that you must have in order to enter certain countries. In some countries, for example, the government will insist that you take the yellow fever vaccine and meningitis vaccine before coming. The proof of these vaccines is called the International Certificate of Vaccination, or yellow card, and you will need it in order to enter. Recommended travel vaccinations, on the other hand, are simply a good idea.

The best time to begin planning your vaccination schedule is as soon as you know where you plan to go. At the Traveler Information Center of the CDC Web site, you can find out which vaccines, if any, you will be required to take. You can also learn which travel vaccines are recommended for your destination. Some of these vaccines need to be given in two to three doses over the course of several months. This is why planning ahead is so important.

Immunization services in Matthews, NC

Once you know which vaccines to take, the next step is to find a travel vaccinations clinic in your area. This is a clinic where experts can help you set up a schedule that will have you fully immunized in time for your trip. You should make your first visit to this clinic at least two months before you begin traveling. The Conner Clinic in Matthews, NC specializes in this lab service, offering vaccinations for yellow fever, meningitis, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, rabies, polio and Japanese encephalitis, as well as routine vaccinations such as the measles shot and annual flu shots. If you plan on going to another country any time soon, find out which travel vaccinations you need and schedule an appointment today.


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