“Dr. Conner is invested in my welfare. He really seems to care about me. He uncovered an underlying illness that had been causing me to have numerous symptoms. The other doctors I’d seen just treated the symptoms. Dr. Conner found and treated the problem.” ~ Adrian 

  “Dr. Conner and staff can see me same day or next day. The quality of care is exceptional.” ~Shirley 

 “He is a fabulous doctor! My husband saw four other doctors before coming to Dr. Conner.  Dr. Conner immediately recognized that my husband needed to have a CAT scan.  He was the only doctor who caught my husband’s serious medical issue.  Then, during my husband’s illness, Dr. Conner was the guiding physician who oversaw my husband’s care.  He oversaw all of it and was a constant support to us.”  

~ Elaine 

 “He really does show me that he is concerned about my health.  Most doctors on a Saturday are out playing golf or whatever, but Dr. Conner called me on a Saturday to tell me my potassium level was high and that I should get to a hospital right away.  I could have had a heart attack had I not received his phone call.

He is genuine and listens to me.  He is down to earth.  He knows me. Knows my wife. Knows my brothers. I can even call him on his cellphone if I need him. We have built a good friendship over the years.”  ~ Samuel

“I woke up nauseated, congested, exhausted and unable to get out of bed. I had brushed it off as allergies a day or two before but by this day it was something more. My wife called Dr. Conner in the morning and he was able to get me in that afternoon which was great. His staff was friendly and efficient and I got to see the doctor promptly. This was my first visit to Dr. Conner and his bedside manner was great. He was knowledgeable, took the time to talk with me and had a great sense of humor. He tested me for various strains of flu and strep going around and diagnosed me as negative on those. Then prescribed some antibiotics and nasal spray and I was off on my way to recovery. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family members.”

 “I feel great thanks to Dr. Conner. While monitoring my blood work he noticed an additional problem. I was much more ill than I knew. Also, he is a very positive person and is always right there to help me.”  ~ Zensaida 

"They are the best....feel so good very professional." ~Tony

 "Followed Dr Conner at all his practices. Love the staff. Awesome group." ~Verdan

 "Dr. Conner is an excellent doctor. I went to him for years before I moved to the Midwest. Highly recommend." ~Crystal

 “Dr. Conner is the consummate professional. He genuinely cares about his patients and will normally always see them on short notice. I’ve been in a bind several times with a busy work schedule and put off seeing a doctor until it was critical, such as when I needed a prescription refill. Dr. Conner and his practice has always been there for me. There is sometimes a little bit of a wait because he is so liberal with taking appointments. However, it is well worth it and I can’t imagine finding anyone as compassionate and genuine as William Conner!”